Thursday, June 27, 2013

I've Moved!! (and some future plans)

Okay.  So, I know that I've been the least productive blogger on the planet during the last semester of school (and the first month of summer, but there was a reason for the summer thing... I'll share later), but that all is about to change!

First, some housekeeping.  I've moved.  Not actually - I have thoroughly enjoyed my first year in Alaska (I know!  It's already been a year!  Crazy!), and I plan to stay here for a while.  I've only moved in cyberspace.  I'm now [here], so please go there and follow me.  It will be a far more productive blog than this one has been - honest!  Especially since I've got some big plans for the rest of summer in preparation for the upcoming school year!  But this will be the last post made to this blog.  I will be deleting the blog soon...

Let's talk about those plans, shall we?

First, I'm almost finished with the first two of my summer classes.  I'm taking a multicultural class and an Alaska history class.  These are required by the state in order to apply for a professional license in Alaska, but they turned out to be quite interesting.  Maybe I'll enlighten you one of these days; not today.  Sorry.  (I've got to make this post quick because I still have some homework to do.  "Almost" was the key word in having those summer classes finished.)  When the coursework for these two classes is complete and before I begin a set of two professional development courses at the end of July, I will be doing some research into improving my reading/language arts instruction.  You should be here for that!  I plan to reread The Daily 5 by Gail Boushey & Joan Moser ("The Sisters") and read The CAFE Book, also by The Sisters.


In addition to these, I have all of Debbie Diller's books and most of Lucy Calkins books.  I've got some work by Fountas & Pinnell as well as some other random authors that I honestly have never heard of.  I'm also a big fan of Words Their Way (this links you to the fifth edition, although I have been working with the fourth edition for the last couple of years and don't plan to spend the money on the fifth... unless someone tells me that it has some awesome information that the fourth can't hold a candle to).  My next post (as soon as this blasted homework gets finished) will be about all of the great things that I've learned from some of these books.  I can't wait to share it with you!  Grab a copy of one (or all) of them, and join me back here in a couple of days.  I'd love to hear what other teachers have to say about the topics!

I have to admit... I have these big plans because I did a HORRIBLE job last year implementing proper reading/language arts instruction to my firsties.  (My principal wouldn't agree with me, but we all know that the principal doesn't see everything that goes on "behind the scenes" in a classroom.)  Anyway.  This is just the beginning... I plan to do a ton of work revamping my reading instruction AND my language arts (especially writing) instruction.  

Stick around.  It's going to be a fun ride!  Soon, I'll share with you some of the resources that I've purchased to start my research into a better writer's workshop.

Are you reading anything on this topic?  What are some titles that you have?

Now.  Back to that darn homework...


  1. Carrie,

    I went to you new blog but couldn't find a way to follow you. Are you going to put a Bloglovin' button on there, or are you going with another service?


    1. Thanks, Jill!

      I will be adding a Bloglovin' button. That seems to be the consensus as far as what the bloggers that I follow are using. :) Thanks for reminding me about that! I'll be adding that tonight!